Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In case of burrito emergency, you need a myCharge (a giveaway and some stern advice)

I'm running this post on behalf of myCharge because I like their products (I own one). I'm also doing it because it's in conjunction with Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva who I trust to share cool stuff. myCharge is sending me a RazorPlus for posting this. 

I'm getting a free portable phone charger for writing this. Sure, I wish it were a million dollars, but today is not the day I get paid a million dollars for a sponsored post. Tomorrow doesn't look good either. And I will tell you the truth, I'd probably run just about any post for a million dollars, short of something criminal or anything that promotes a Real Housewives vehicle.

I can't imagine what kind of super internet personality I would have to be to garner a million bucks for a blog post. At least on par with George Takei. But even George doesn't have that kind of juice. Maybe if George Takei and God got together they could command some serious compensation. But, me, well, I'm no Almighty (nor George Takei).

If we are talking seriously about the kind of compensation, the minimum kind of compensation I'd take, well, aside from free back-up phone chargers with an extra 13 hours of talk time, I'd probably blog for food.

I'd blog for food and maybe coupons if they were really stellar coupons. Like Target coupons. Coupons for anything at Target. Like free range coupons. So, basically, Target gift cards. I'd blog for Target gift cards.

I have standards, of course, so I wouldn't take Walmart gift cards. Or Taco Bell . . . okay, I'd take Taco Bell gifts cards. So what? So I like a Crunchwrap Supreme from time to time. You're better than me because you shun Taco Bell? Look, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who openly crave Taco Bell and those who pretend they are too good for a bean burrito that only cost 79 cents.

I tried to type "79 cents" just now with the little cents icon, you know, the lowercase c with the line transecting it vertically. It's not on my keyboard. I wonder when that happened? When did we no longer need to denote cents in our numerical calculations? "Meh, coins. Who needs them? We are a world that revolves around bills and revolving debt stored on plastic rectangles. Cents. We disdain you. Banished from the keyboard. You disgust us!"

We're done with cents symbols. We are a world that no longer needs these tiny units. We like dolla dolla bills, y'all. Dollar bills and portable tech and lattes and e-anything.

We prefer the new unit of currency, information. We have flooded our internets with it---some bits true, some false, some obsolete.

We carry in our pockets the kind of devices that have replaced, harnessed, or rendered useless old modes of information relay. Watches, maps, music players, phone directories, stock tickers, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, books, compasses and even the town gossip have been ousted by the touch-screen gadgets we have in our purses. AND YOU THINK YOU CAN GO AROUND WITH A PHONE ON 1% CHARGE? ARE YOU MAD?

That's why you need to register to win this sweet RazorPlus from myCharge.

Because what if you're on a street corner somewhere and you're hungry, but not, like, have a meal hungry and really, what you could go for?, it's a bean burrito from Taco Bell. And if you had enough charge on the phone, you'd be able to map that son of a bitch. You'd have a pocket copilot who could take you straight to that salty, gassy treat. But you don't have back-up power and now you're watching a screen with an empty battery symbol that silently mocks you. "How you gonna bean burrito now, baby? You haven't read a map since 2001 and there aren't pay phones any more and even if there were the cents symbols has been discarded because you don't have any cents. No one does! We are a people with pockets full only of lint and receipts for check card purchases. So how would you even use a payphone? You're not Adam Levine. You know what you should have had? You should have had a myCharge RazorPlus." That's what your dead phone would tell you if it could.

Don't be the person on the street corner with no burrito and a mocking phone. Enter the giveaway, dammit.

Now here's some stuff about stuff and then the giveaway at the bottom. Read it or don't. I think I've made a compelling case for getting yourself a myCharge product.


Did you know that the average smartphone users checks their phone 110 times per day and that 2.7 hours of that is just for fun?

Did you also know that without an available power source 77% of phone users will have a dead battery by 4pm?

Whether at work or play all of these things can be a huge strain on your phone's battery, and this is where myCharge comes in!

myCharge is a leader in portable charging solutions that's been first to offer the most advanced solutions for a multitude of needs. Their devices boast built–in charging cords that emphasize portability and versatility, and powerful lithium polymer batteries that allow you to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, eReader and other devices so that they’re ready when you need them! Ditch your dependency on cables and wall outlets – and let myCharge make your life a bit easier!

For the month of February myCharge is offering the Limited Edition RazorPlus Bundle for $49.99 - in it you receive a RazorPlus with the imprint: We can charge right here right now. The RazorPlus is anultra-thin rechargeable 3000 mAh battery crafted from anodized aluminum that delivers an extra 13 hours talk time for your smartphone. You'll also receive a shirt and a 22 oz. reusable/dishwasher safe stadium cup that is color-changing! The frosted cups turn green when filled with your favorite (possibly adult) beverage. Green is the new red after all!

myCharge is also giving away 20 of these Bundles FREE, so enter for your chance to win below!
  Limited Edition RazorPlus Bundle Prize from myCharge

Good luck!

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