Friday, February 10, 2017

This Valentine's I'm giving my love to the preschool teachers who loved my kids

This post is sponsored by Luvs, who compensates me for my posts.

The benefits of preschool aren't always obvious. I mean, how many scribbly drawings can you "save" in the "circular file"? But if you're lucky enough to have access to a play-based preschool, your kid will learn about self-regulating behaviors, group work, personal management, and peer relationships—all while also learning ABCs and 123s. They will all that learning while getting dirty, running on playgrounds, and singing loudly (and, let's be honest, badly) in the classroom while sitting criss-cross applesauce.

That's because preschool teachers are educational ninjas. Embarrassing case in point:

Me: "My son is doing really well in kindergarten this year. Somehow he learned to read, I guess. I mean, I didn't teach him, he's my fourth kid, ain't no momma got time for that. Hmmm, I wonder where he learned to read..."

Preschool Director: "Do you think he learned it here, Nikki? You know, at the preschool that you sent him to for three years where we read everyday and worked on the skills he'd need to become an independent learner?"

That's score one for preschool, zero for mom of fourth kid who barely remembers his name. Scooter? Buddy? Well, it'll come to me. But the point is that my son, as well as his older sisters, soaked up so many lessons so seamlessly from their preschool teachers that we barely noticed what was happening.

And all of that is down to the women (and men, from time to time), most of them parents themselves, who treat their preschool teaching jobs as a calling, not just a paycheck.

These women work overtime, without pay, because they are invested in other people's kids. Who do you think constructed that pop-up flower cart for a Valentine's unit on commerce through which your kid can play the part of the flower shop owner or the customer, all using paper play money and flowers they worked all week to create from coffee filters and pipe cleaners? Their preschool teacher, that's who.

These women give their tears, time, and talent to other people's kids because they love them, too. Who else is willing to cuddle with your kid at story time, even though he's got a snotty nose working overtime? Their preschool teacher, that's who.

These women teach writing, grouping, letter recognition, good sportsmanship, and to wash hands after going to the bathroom or before eating. They take toddlers on nature walks and let four-year-olds play with the messy stuff that mom and dad try to avoid at home. Sand, paint, water? Preschool teacher's aren't afraid of a big mess.

They understand three-year-old-talk and have bad knees from squatting so they can look little people in the eye when they speak. They laugh when our kids laugh and cry when our kids cry. They give out hugs and kiss booboos and dust our kids off when they fall. Preschool teachers do all that for love, not money.

But that's not all. THEY EVEN CHANGE DIAPERS. I mean, poopy diapers, over-filled diapers, I-eat-solid-foods-now diapers.

Here's to the fearless and fiercely devoted preschool teachers of the world. They have a finger paint handprint on the thigh of their pants and something gooey in their hair, and it looks good on them.

Luvs asked me, as part of their Luvs MVPs (Most Valuable Parents), to #ShareTheLuv with some important moms this Valentine's Day. I asked them, "What if I share it with over a dozen preschool teachers who helped my kids to grow and learn over the last seven years?" No surprise, they Luved the idea.

With some American Express gift cards (supplied by Luvs) I set out to shower over one dozen women with tokens of my appreciation. What does a hard working preschool teacher need . . .

I solemnly swear to give these things to the preschool teachers instead of keeping them for myself. Even though I am also my Valentine.

  • COFFEE. Our preschool teachers and staff recently chipped in for a Keurig. So I'm stocking it up with an assortment of post-playground pick me ups.
  • CHOCOLATE. A bunch of chocolate bars (that's right, BARS) to help the coffee and tea go down? Check. 
  • TREATS. Sweet kettle corn snacks that the teachers don't have to share with their class.
  • HAND SANITIZER. Kids are pretty germy, snotty, and generally gross (in the cutest paossible way). And no matter how good Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ are at containing leaks, every teacher needs appreciates some hand sanitizer after a particularly intense diaper change. 
  • LUVS. Thanks to my friends at Luvs, our two-year-old classroom will now be stocked with 10 packs of size 6 Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™.
See that baby? Probably some brave preschool teacher changed her diaper the day after she ate asparagus for the first time, I mean, that's a heroic diaper change. #ShareTheLuv

I know this isn't enough. How can I ever really thank these people for loving my kids, even on the tough days and rough days when there were stubborn refusals to share and anxious tears as I waved goodbye? In a world of small moments that make parenting go more smoothly, the love of a preschool teacher for your child ranks among the best of them. And, if you're very lucky, they will even help your pre-k kiddo learn to read.

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