About Me

I'm Nicole Leigh Shaw.

I began blogging in 2005 for my far-flung family. What started as a place to share pictures and milestones ("She rolled over!") became a place to crack jokes. In 2010 I took my humor public with NinjaMomBlog.com. (Go ahead, you can visit that blog, too.)

Since beginning my writing career as a newspaper journalist in 1999, I've been moving through all of the metamorphic stages of the modern writer, except "tortured novelist." I'm saving something for my retirement project. I'm currently in my professional freelancer stage. Soon I'll emerge as a butterfly or a vlogger. 

If you're interested in hiring me, see here

If you're interested in the kinds of facts only a census taker would gather, here's that.

- I have four kids. 
- I work from home. 
- I've been married since 2001.