Friday, November 14, 2014

Emojigami: The Art of Making Emoji Sentences

Emojis, everyone's doin' it. But not everyone's doin' it right. 

For example, this is appropriate, if boring. 

And this is appropriate, if over the top (and borderline over-medicated).

And this is what happens when a small child plays with your phone. 

But in this rich emojiverse, your communication options can go beyond the written word. Why, you can communicate entirely with these small icons, forgoing mundane human speech, officially marking the decline of humanity as we know it. Surely Shigetaka Kurita, who created the first emoji some time in the late 90s, would be proud that today we can express our sorrow in as many as a baker's dozen (or more!) of dreary pictographs. 

Or can we take it to the mountain? Let technology be the winky-faced wind beneath our wings? Turn our incomprehensible Autocorrect typos into incomprehensible strings of emoji?

Consider the possibilities . . .

Questions about paternity in two simple emoji strokes.

Plans for a hostile takeover of a fast food giant.

Simple reminders to keep up on personal hygeine.

Illustrate the importance of punctuation.

Ponder the mechanism of clean fuel alternatives.


Dessert slasher fiction.

Pet care requests.

Urgent messages to drunk friends!

Cryptic BS that makes you sound like a tripping buddhist.

Wardrobe needs, solved.

Exciting discoveries!

Spy communiques.

So, friends, don't ask yourself if you'll send an emoji to annotate your latest selfie. Ask yourself how many.